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Product Comparisons

Product Comparison - Weeride Kangaroo against Standard Child Seat

Rear Mounted Carrier
Mounting the bicycle
Secure child in seat while bicycle is supported, then mount as usual.
Secure child in seat, tip bike considerably to mount. Bicycle may overbalance because of the weight of child. Difficult to mount for rider as leg must be swung over child.
Seat is installed on bicycles centre of gravity. Bicycle remains fully upright and in control during mounting. Child is always in adults control, so cannot lean to the side.
Bike must be tilted to mount, which can cause overbalancing.

Child leans sideways to see, or dangles to the side while sleeping, causing balance problems.

Visibility of Child
Child is directly in front of you and in your constant care and control.
Child is behind you and cannot be seen. Child can remove helmet, unstrap belts, and dangle limbs out.
Limbs in relation to spokes
Child cannot come into contact with wheels
Spoke guard must be installed to protect feet and even hands. These sometimes need to be purchased extra, or may come undone.
Napping Child
Cushioned head rest placed in front allows child to lean forward and nap in comfort.
Child often leans forward and dangles out of seat. Children have been known to hit passing poles and bushes. It is common to see adults riding with one hand steering and one hand reaching behind to support a small head.
Child and adult see the same view and can interact. Conversations are possible.
Child sees mostly the back of the adult and must lean to sideways to see anything else. This upsets the balance of the bike. Conversation is impossible unless the adult turns around.
Transporting bicycle
A simple device lets the seat be removed from the bicycle in seconds. This allows easy placement of the bicycle onto the car carriers.
Seat is permanently attached, making it difficult to fit the bicycle on some car carriers.
Riding without a Child
A simple device lets the seat be removed from the bicycle in seconds.
The seat is a permanent fixture.
Switching Bicycles
The seat can be moved from one bicycle to another in seconds, as long as each bicycle is equipped with its own mounting bar.
The seat is a permanent fixture.


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