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WEERIDE CO PILOT - JUST £99.99 . Now available in White, Green, Pink and Silver **

Please note that if you have a rear rack tagalongs may not be suitable for your bike. Please email Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk for advice




Weeride Co Pilot Green

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Weeride Co Pilot Pink

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 Weeride Co Pilot White

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Product Specification

    Why buy a tow bar and have all the connection problems and instability for your little one?

    Tagalongs are perfect for children aged 4 to 9 who can’t manage those longer bike rides, or maybe haven’t mastered riding just yet. They can also be used for children with balance issues with the addition of an Adams backrest (with the WeeRide backrest in development). The most important part of a tagalong is the pivot, and we have the best system, with the Sync Link Pivot. This ensures the smoothest and safest up/down and side to side movement. Now available in 4 colours – White, Silver, Fluoro Green and Pink.


    New patented Sync Link Pivot design ensures smooth movement and ride for child – Sync Link is unique to WeeRide and ensures a safe and comfortable ride
    Superior design Front Splash Guard
    New arm folds easily for compact storage / movement
    True quick release system for fast detachment from adult bike
    Adjustable handlebars, up/down and rotation adjustments for maximum age range
    Higher quality seat than most others
    Beautiful paint finish
    Safety Flag included
    20" wheel size
    Holds up to a 35kg rider
    Recommended for ages 4 – 9, rider must have inside leg of at least 52cm to pedal at lowest
    No need for speeds, why complicate the issue and make it more expensive?
    Child can pedal forward, backwards or coast
    Steel frame weighs approx. 14kgs
    You need 2" beneath your seat to attach the bracket.
    Includes two mudguards and chain guard

    WEIGHT                                   14KGS  
    BOX SIZE                                 17L X60W X92h
    AGE RANGE                            4 TO 9 YEARS



Why buy a Weeride instead of the Competition
  • The WeeRide Pro Pilot has all the parts you would expect from a quality folding tag a long, but has the advantage of the patented Sync Link Pivot and at an amazing price.

Why use this Product ?
  • Parents who have children aged between 4 and 9.

    Parents who like to take their children on longer rides than the child’s legs can manage.

    Parents whose children have stability issues and would struggle on a bike on their own. This can be improved further by adding a back rest.


How easy is it to use ?
  • The tag a long is very easy to use. It folds in half so can be easily put into your boot, or in your garage. It uses a quick release bolt so takes seconds to attach or remove.
    Riding is a simple task as the weight is off the back of your bike, and the WeeRide patented pivot ensures the tag along follows the exact same line as your adult bike. Very little skill is required.
    It also allows you to comfortably transport 2 children with your younger child infront of you in a WeeRide baby carrier (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-cxeyhi9Ds)

How easy is it to Assemble ?
  • Very easy. It is 95% complete in the box.

    Take the tag along from the box and remove packaging.

    First attach the bracket to your seat post . This is done by simply tightening 4 bolts with an Allen key.

    Then you drop the seat into the seat tube and close the seat bolt.

    You can drop the handlebars into the frame and adjust the tightening bolt.

    The pedals can then be added and they are clearly marked left and right. They are hand tightened.

    Finally you attach the safety flag by placing in the flag hole on the wheel and tightening the bracket with a screwdriver.

    It is less than 5 minutes work and requires no skill.


What Bikes will it fit to ?
  • It will fit most adult bikes including 700c wheels. You just need 2” to attach to under your seat post.


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    You will receive your tracking information later the same day.

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I want Help
  • Help is at hand – most questions are answered in our FAQs.
    But if you would like to contact me directly I will come straight back to you:
    Please contact Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk
    If you would like to talk to me, please call 0845 6250565. This method is not as quick as email.

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