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Weeride Windshield

Weeride Windhsield - fitted

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Product Specification

    My children preferred the wind in their faces, but on those cold days, some kids would prefer some protection. Our windshield has a universal fixing which allows it to fix to most bikes.



    handlebar fixing frame fixing


    7strong transparent screen impact-resistant


    extra protection against the rain and insects, comfortable riding in adverse weather conditions lightweight, attractive design

    other features

    polycarbonate screen height adjustable

    PRODUCT SPEC                                 
    WEIGHT                       1.43kgs            
    BOX SIZE                     38.7x 56.3 x 5.2
    AGE RANGE                N/A     

Why buy a Weeride instead of the Competition
  • The WeeRide Windshield is manufactured by us.

Why use this Product ?
  • Riders using a forward child seat.


How easy is it to use ?
  • Very easy to use
How easy is it to Assemble ?
  • It is an easy fir around the handlebars. (width 21 to 28mm)


What Bikes will it fit to ?
  • It will fit most adult bikes


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  • We can deliver in 24hrs if you order before 1pm, option is on the order sheet, and otherwise your order will be delivered within 48hrs. This does not include weekends. Just press BUY IT NOW.
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I want Help
  • Help is at hand – most questions are answered in our FAQs.
    But if you would like to contact me directly I will come straight back to you:
    Please contact Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk
    If you would like to talk to me, please call 0845 6250565. This method is not as quick as email.

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