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Yes this is the fastest growing child bike seat in the UK
Yes it fits all bikes (except drop handle bars), including oversized head tubes. No other seat fits as many bikes.
Yes it fits to FULL SUSPENSION MOUNTAIN BIKES which is unique
Yes the seat comes with a headrest for your child to fall asleep on
Yes the bar is easy to fit
Yes it fits to Ladies and Men’s bikes
Yes Kangaroo Ltd is the most comfortable child seat available
Yes it does have a 5 point safety strap whereas most others have 3 point
Yes our footrests are enclosed as we believe this is safer, and they are adjustable
Yes you can switch between bikes in seconds with an extra bar
Yes everything you need is in the box including seat, bar and tools
Yes you can call us and we will answer your questions. We only want happy customers and if you have ANY problems, we will resolve
Yes we can deliver next day if requested
Yes you can collect from us
Yes you can try the seat out, no better way of seeing why everyone loves it
Yes you can return if you don’t like

Yes there are other seats that attach to the front or centre but before you buy, please take the above points into consideration or just
call us and we can provide you with all the reasons why the WeeRide is clearly the best seat available

OK, so there are some NOs we should make you aware of:

NO we do not connect to the handlebars or handlebar post as we do not believe this is safe and neither do the safety standards
NO our seat does not interfere with the steering because of this
NO the child seat does not move when you turn the handlebars as we think this in not comfortable for the child
NO we have no plans to reduce the price by saving on our costs such as a lighter bar as we consider safety and quality as paramount
NO your child seat will not wobble like other front seats due to the seat connections

  • If you feel another seat answers the above better than a WeeRide Kangaroo then you should buy it, but please can you email me aswell what this seat is, as I haven't seen it! Below is a picture of a bike. If your seat does not attach to the HEADTUBE (just under the Headset) and connects to the Handlebar post ,then you will encounter the problems above. Where you attach will be the same colour as the rest of your frame and not the colour of handlebars. Please call us for advice if unsure.


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